Hot Water Units

When choosing a hot water unit you need to allow or know when and how much water is needed which I believe impacts on what type of unit you need. My choice of hot water unit would be a roof mounted solar but in some cases, depending upon water demand or roof position / sunlight availability. Then I would recommend a heat pump. If the noise of a heat pump is a concern, there is always a split solar system, which is not a favourite of mine as this relies on sensor wires, (which are fragile), a circulating pump (which draws electricity). There are of course, gas unit which supply continuous hot water but in the past i have found them to be the most expensive to run, but on the upside, they are reliable and last a long time.


People find gas a better and more reliable, controllable and instant way of cooking or generating hot water. We can supply and install pipework for all your gas need.

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