Free Plumbing Advice

Free Plumbing Advice


We have compiled a list of typical scenarios that you may run into and why to help you save time and money with DIY plumbing.

  1. My water bill is too high?

  2. Why do my pipes rattle, hum or make vibration noises?

  3. Why are my floor wastes very smelly?

  4. Hot water does not last very long or is not hot?

  5. Kitchen waste empties slowly

  6. Toilet Fill Slowly

  7. Toilet Keeps running

  8. Toilet Pedestal (toilet base) moves when sitting on it

  9. Toilet seat moves around

  10. Leaks when flushed

  11. I changed my tap washers but the taps still drip?

  12. Rooms adjoining plumbing areas have a musty smell?

  13. Common Drain problems

  14. Testing for a gas leak?

“My water bill is too high?”

Burst Pipes

  • Burst pipes don’t always show up as a wet spot in the garden or grass. Sometimes the first you know about it is when you receive your water bill and it is excessive.
  • Sometimes you will find the road gutter is wet because the water has found it’s way to the stormwater line which runs to the street.

“Why do my pipes rattle, hum or make vibration noises?”

  • Tap washers bouncing.
  • Pipes not clipped off correctly.
  • Faulty shutoff valves.

“Why are my floor wastes very smelly?”

  • Mould growing on wall of pipes.

“Hot water does not last very long or is not hot?”

  • Over flow pipe is running all the time which is causing hot water to run out.
  • Faulty element, set too low and needs adjusting.
  • Valves may need replacement
  • The thermostat is faulty
  • The element is faulty

“Kitchen waste empties slowly”

  • Build of grease
  • Old Galvanised waste pipes may clog up with rust
  • Main drains may be blocked and cause what is termed “breathing issues” and slows down water flow.

“Toilet Fill Slowly”

  • Dirt could be stuck in filler valve or rust.

“Toilet Keeps running”

  • New rubbers or filler valve needs installing

“Toilet Pedestal (toilet base) moves when sitting on it”

  • Need to rescrew / fasten and seal to the floor

“Toilet seat moves around “

  • Broken supports or loose fixings

“Leaks when flushed”

  • Need news flush or cone rubber

“I changed my tap washers but the taps still drip?”

  • The surface that the washer is resting against is called a seat and this sometimes gets a gauge caused by water pressure. This is fixed by reseating (filing) it smooth.

“Rooms adjoining plumbing areas have a musty smell?”

  • Water is leaking through the wall possibly from a washing machine, internal pipe, shower pipe, basin or toilet.

Common Drain problems:

  • Can be blocked because of tree roots or ground movement which has either cracked pipes which then allows tree roots in, or moved the pipes so that they hold water and over time builds up water/faeces/grime/oil so the head of water cannot push through creating a back log.
  • We have a JET RODDER which is how we clear the drains which uses high water pressure to cut through oil, tree roots etc. We typically use this over the electric eel which can cause damage to compressed or squashed pipes.
  • We also use an ELECTRIC EEL which physically cuts through tough roots and dislodges grease and debris from the wall of pipes. Once we have unblocked the drain in most cases we can send the camera (See Snake) down to locate where the problem is and the depth of the problem.

Testing for a gas leak?

When Gas bottles are close to empty they sometimes give off a pungent smell that can be confused with being a gas leak. If in doubt, call us! If you want to know, the best way to find out if you have a gas leak is to paint soapy water all the way from the gas bottle to whatever appliance it is plugged in to. Gas leaks will cause soap to bubble or bubbles will grow instantly.

Ask David!

You can ask directly to David if you have other concerns that are not stated above.

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